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Welcome To Raven Brooks: The Hello Neighbor Animated Series follows a group of kids trying to figure out what their creepy next door Neighbor is hiding, only to uncover a much larger mystery of the eerie town of Raven Brooks.
4 years ago we started working on a Hello Neighbor Animated Series. 2 years ago we did a "Test Pilot" that got tens of millions of views. It gave us the courage to invest into a proper TV Series, filled with interesting characters, mysteries, and to tie it in directly into the Hello Neighbor Games. 

Announcing Hello Neighbor: Welcome To Raven Brooks - an 18 episode animated series that overlaps the events of the popular Hello Neighbor video games. The first episode will be premiering alongside the launch of Hello Neighbor 2 in December, and the story directly integrates into the events of the game.


We are extremely delighted to be working with a talented team of writers from Man of Action who previously created and wrote the Ben 10 animated series, and participated in writing Big Hero 6.

Animated by Animasia who did the original “test pilot” of the series, and scored by Louis Fagenson of Cartoon Network fame, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring the world of Raven Brooks to life in animation.

18 episodes before end of 2023

The first episode will premiere on Youtube in December, and observant gamers mayl be able to find a way to watch it earlier. Episodes 2-6 will come in a package later in 2023, and all of 18 episodes will premiere through 2023.


We are taking a very unconventional approach to producing and distributing an animated series about a creepy Neighbor who is apparently hiding kids in his basement. We decided to have no conventional boundaries, and it will not be rated for kids. We are working in tandem with the developers of the game on both story and visuals.


This is a story of a new girl - Trinity - who moves to Raven Brooks, only to find that she’s living next to a creepy Mr. Peterson. She quickly makes friends with Nicky who is obsessed with finding out what Peterson is hiding. Happy endings are a matter of perspective.


The Animated Series will premiere within Hello Neighbor 2 and Secret Neighbor in December. Watchout for a countdown within the game. A few days after, a "Youtube safe" version will premiere on our Youtube channel. We are doing things Youtube might not like, so the Director's Cut will be available within the games. 

In December you will get the first 2 episodes, and the other 16 will debut in 2023. 
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